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2014-01-25 07:34:54 by Havegum

Royal Norwegian Air Force Emblem


Jan 25: I won't be posting for at least a few months as I'm serving my mandantory conscription.

That's all!


Feb 08: I got a position in the air force as a graphic designer at Ørland Main Air Station, there was only one slot available for that particular position so I'm thrilled I got what I wanted! I'll have a week off starting Feb 27 before they send me up there. Can't wait to get some real experience in what I hope to be my future profession!


Feb 27: I'm on leave until I start at my new position March 10th - It's great to have some free time considering the especially rough field week all recruits have to go through! I'm very tired of the recruit and I'm glad it's over though I look back at it as a good experience. These last two months has helped me in many ways and I have grown a lot as a person. I think I'm well prepared for whatever I'm faced with once I arrive at Ørland!


March 16: This day marks the end of my first week here! As expected, it's a lot more relaxed than the recruit but one thing I didn't anticipate was that the people here are much friendlier than at the recruit!

The job is alright - it's more or less as expected. The things I didn't think of was I'd have so much to do with printing. Most of the work I make here is going to be for print, in contrast to when I was home where I usually dealt with screen material. I also expected to have to work as a journalist in some cases, but there are two soliders in my department whose job is exclusively dealing with journalism and information. Another thing I was afraid of is that would have to do video productions, or start taking lots of pictures. Lucky for me, there's a giant archive readily available with lots of pictures, and my officer told me I won't have much to do with video productions!

I'll update my tumblr with productions every once in a while, as well as come with monthly updates here!



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2014-01-25 12:52:51

You'll be missed! Good luck with everything! :D

Havegum responds:

Thanks for the kind words!

I'll write a general update in a few weeks!


2014-02-02 00:11:59

hope u get shot

Havegum responds:

meanies ):


2014-02-02 07:04:38

shot u get hoped


2014-02-08 06:17:03

ur still here

(Updated ) Havegum responds:

I'm home for the weekend!
Heading back tomorrow evening


2014-02-08 06:24:42



2014-02-14 13:43:05

Says he'll be gone for month. Yet is seen online daily. What a bunch of bullshit, i want my money back.

(Updated ) Havegum responds:

Money? What money!


2014-03-15 19:04:47

dude i'm your one hundredth fan gimme a prize or at least make a news post or summin we're breaking new grounds here yo (no pun intended ehehe)


2014-03-23 13:53:27

There are unfriendly people in Norway?

Things have gone not as expected ...