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Can't wait for epissode 2


That's some very good type right there, although perhaps slightly too swift changes of words/view at some points - but then again, the voice is quite clear, and so legibility is not as important as it would've been with a more mumbling sort of voice.

Good job!


The collab turned out great!
There were a decent amount of artists involved, and a high quality standard.
I must say, great job to all artists and excellent job to the organizers!

This flash is just downright sexy!

J-qb responds:

Thanks, we couldnt havedone it without your art, music and hel.p with the code

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Really good work, interesting mechanics! I love the retro difficulty that comes with!
I'm glad my mockup could be of some inspiration!

This game

I found this game is mildly disturbing. After killing the poor cook I felt kinda sad just letting him be there :P

Anyway, good job on the game!


Very well executed. I like it a lot!

I'm missing a filter between song and loop though, and perhaps a loop function with set how many times one wishes to loop the playing song.

Also, it's a bit hard to read the author and song name. Perhaps add a white border around the text?

gumOnShoe responds:

I'll look into it. Also, like your name. :)

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Random ending

No, John. You are the demons ...

And then John was a zombie

I laughed at the end :P

bigjonny13 responds:

I was laughing the entire time I first read it. I'm lucky I was able to read it in such a serious tone without bursting out laughing.


I don't know what to say about the background music ... it's a bit ... turbulent.
The voice though!
Especially the newbies voice

since I lost my thoughts somewhere and can't seem to find it again, that would be all I have to say :|

bigjonny13 responds:

Hrmm, lost your thoughts have you? I guess we should go looking for them.

I <3 DnB

I didn't use to, but you just convinced me!

Loved the sub-bass, and the breakdown at the end!
I think the drums were maybe a bit loud at the beginning?

It gives me chills of awesomeness throughout the entire song, and all the synths sound epic!

Once again you have proven to be at the level of the higher newgrounds audio artists. Now sit back and enjoy the fans arrive!

-Havegum :D

Afterfall responds:

Haha thanks so much Havegum.

*Waits for fans*


*There are none*

Yeah the drums do drown out the soft pad at the beginning don't they. And I take the compliment about the synths to heart; I made them all my self for once! Except for the pad, I suck at making pads.

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I would consider lowering the saturation of the blue ocean though - large, same colour areas tend to come across as more saturated than they are, and it can take away from the focus of the subject. I thin kif you decrease the saturation surrounding the worm, it will pop more!

Luwano responds:

Thanks a lot for the practical advice. I usually have trouble finding a starting point for backgrounds, so I'll keep that in mind.

Cool stuff!

The pattern in the background is definitely creating a very strong sense of direction in the image. The contrast in the pattern is higher towards the bottom left compared to the more washed-out top-left part. I think maybe more contrast in the pattern around the head would emphasize the head more although I spectulate they're set up that way to bring focus to the crotch!

The round brush you're using has a very digital feel - have you considered using brushes with rougher edges?

Either way very cool - cubistic feel

test-object responds:

It tends to be hard keeping clean house in Photoshop's brush UI, but yeah, I should use rougher material. I'm so used to it coming automatically when painting irl :X

Great work as always. I don't have any feedback on the illustrations, so I'll stick to what I know - layout.

Remember to keep a clear hierarchy in your layout. Be aware of how different elements interact to create "groups" within your layout. In this example, the walls on the right have a strong sense of being linked, the same goes with the buildings. However the text and moodboard doesn't "attach" to anything but themselves.

What I mean by this is the title "Arakis - Water facility" appears to be grouped with "Arakis - Defensive wall" as if they were describing each other. In this case I think this could easily be solved by the water facility title and the corresponding moodboard switching place. However this still leaves the pinched negative space between the wall moodboard and water facility concepts.

I also think the typeface choice is clashing with the designs - The concepts are all very organic and uses smooth shapes, while the typeface is stylized in a very angular and digital manner. I think some round humanist or geometric typefaces would suit the designs better and work toward better unity. (also sideway text is generally a headache to read!)

I know these things are all second priority, and that you probably know all of this already - but it's what I'm most comfortable giving feedback on! Keep at it!

Flowers10 responds:

Ey thanks man, very detailed critique!
Some of the stuff is def i need to pay more attention to, good reminder.
might even change this since i want this to be a portfolio piece :)

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